San Francisco high school unveils new dormitory for at-risk students

School officials in San Francisco say there is nothing else like it anywhere in the country. It's a dormitory for high school students that's slated to open just in time for the new school year. 

One 15-year-old student came to Treasure Island Wednesday to check out his new digs, a room in a brand new dormitory.

Abisai Aguilar will get his own bed at last. Something he doesn't have at home. 

"Two of my brothers sleep in one room. My parents sleep in the other room with my little brother," he said. "So where would I sleep? Normally in the living room on the couch." 

Aguilar is one of more than two dozen high school students who will eventually live in the dorm full time while they attend school at Life Learning Academy just across the way. 

It's a charter high school for at-risk students who struggled in traditional schools. 

The new dorm is for students who are homeless, in shelters or have unstable living situations.

"I'm excited. This is like a dream," said 15-year-old Angie Williams.

"It's not a dorm. It's a home where kids can thrive," said Principal Teri Delane. 

At the grand opening of the new dormitory, San Francisco Mayor London Breed called it a model for the rest of the country.

"This is going to change and save lives for future generations," said Mayor Breed.

Students will have roommates and there is also a community room. 

The dorm will have a chef and students won't be on their own. 

 "We will have around the clock staff around them," said Delane. "That's what it is about. It's about building a home for kids who need it.

Life Learning Academy will spend $800,000 a year to house the students. 

Students won't have to take buses out of town to get to and from school. 

And students say it will be easier to focus on their school work. 

"I would bring my family stuff and home stuff to school and be mad the entire day," Williams said. "Here I have more time to focus on myself." 

"I'm ready to try something better," Aguilar added.

The students are expected to move in by Sunday, Aug. 18 before school starts on the 19th.