San Francisco on track to break voter turnout record for a midterm election

There were long lines outside and crowded voting booths inside San Francisco City Hall on Election Day. 

Voter Maria Klionsky said she got together with friends to research everything on the ballot, “This is actually the first year where I’ve really dug into every single proposition and every single person that was up for election.”

Klionsky is just one of thousands voting at San Francisco City Hall. San Francisco Director of Elections, John Arntz, expects about five thousand votes to come into city hall and more than 100,000 ballots at other polling locations.

There are more than 500,000 registered voters in San Francisco and the expected turnout is higher than 60 percent..

Arntz said this election is on track to break a voter turnout record for a midterm election. The record of 65 percent voter turnout was set in 1974, the first year turnout for midterms was tracked

“When you get 65% of 500,000 people who are casting four card ballots that’s a lot of people making a lot of decisions for the city and county of san Francisco,” said Artnz.