San Jose flower store burglary caught on video

Surveillance video captured thieves stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics and valuables from a small business in San Jose. It happened at Apis Floral in San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood early Friday morning. The owner said the theft couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Luckily, security cameras captured a clear picture of the crooks.
“This is the biggest moment for us during the holidays, pretty much during the year,” said Apis Floral Owner Efrain Escalante.
Last Friday around 4:40 a.m., Escalante noticed computers, iPads and money missing. It wasn't until he saw security footage that he realized the warehouse had been burglarized.
“They go from the vessel, the computers, the bags, and the paperwork,” said Escalante.
Security cameras captured the thieves make off with several items, including a vase which is an heirloom to a family from Monte Serrano. 
“One of the clients brought it and their value goes over $1,500,” said Escalante. “They knew right away what kind of vessels we have.”
He suspects the pair have been at the store before. They stole only from the office. His biggest fear is that the computers contain clients’s information.
He’s dubbed them “Red Riding Hood” and the “Grinch.”
“She’s wearing a full hoodie, big long hoodie and it's red,” said Escalante. “He looks just like a Grinch.”
He said the theft took 12 minutes. After posting the surveillance video on social media, he said he’s gotten tips from people familiar with the duo believed to be transients.
“He goes by the name of Pops,” said Escalante. “He likes to collect all this stuff, steal around and go to the homeless and sell everything quickly.”
No one knows their whereabouts. The owner said he spent all day Sunday searching for them.
The culprits came in through a loading dock door that was left unlocked in the hustle and bustle of the season. He said lesson learned.
“We were done by 1 a.m. so it was just like let’s get out of here, we will come back early,” said Escalante. “By the time we came back it was too late.”
He estimates $10K worth of merchandise was taken. The suspects’s car is described to be a blue Volkwagon Golf. Cameras did not capture the license plate. The owner believes the car may have been stolen.