SJ POA exec left court on fentanyl distribution charges in silence

Joanne Segovia, a San Jose Police union executive, accused of running a importing and distributing fentanyl, was released from jail on Friday without bail. 

Segovia, was released under certain conditions that were placed under seal, after an hour-long meeting with pretrial services.

KTVU cameras were rolling as Segovia left the U.S. District Court in Downtown San Jose with her lawyer, neither respond to questions. 

She had self-surrendered to the court early Friday morning.

According to legal analyst Steven Clark, whether Segovia remained in custody throughout her case was dependent on if she showed willingness to come to court. 

"She knew she was going to be facing some serious charges," Clark said. "So it was important for her to self-surrender." 

Segovia was charged with one count of importing and distributing fentanyl.

Prosecutors said the 64-year-old was the hub for an international opioid drug distribution ring.

Segovia worked as the executive director of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association for 20 years.


"This has been the grandma of the POA. This is not the person we’ve known for more than a decade," said Sean Pritchard, San Jose's POA president.

U.S. agents said she used her personal and work computer at the union office to order thousands of pills.

Records show she had pills delivered to her home in Almaden Valley-- then shipped nationally and internationally as recently as March 15.

Though, experts say Segovia’s role with the police union may have made her criminal activity harder to detect, not easier.

Segovia said her friend and housekeeper is the one who was behind the crime.

But that doesn’t explain why she was ordering drugs, from her work computer and using union shipping labels.

Segovia is on paid leave and faces a maximum sentence of 20 years if convicted.