San Leandro top cop helps nab suspect in carjack try

San Leandro Police Chief Jeff Tudor found himself on the front line fighting crime just after dawn Tuesday.

"This morning I was driving in to get my pre-work workout in and a carjacking attempt came out over the radio at Peet's Coffee," Tudor said.

A man had accosted an elderly woman outside the coffee shop at East 14th Street and Juana Avenue.

"He had knocked her to the ground, kind of checked her pockets, was able to take her car keys and actually tried to gain access into her vehicle," the chief said.

But for some reason, he couldn't start her car. So he ran away.

Cue the top cop. He drove toward Peet's and spotted the suspect a couple blocks away.

The suspect, though, had no idea he'd been made, because the chief was in an unmarked car. And, he wasn't even in uniform.

"I did not get out, just because I was in my workout clothes," Tudor said.

And even though he's the chief, it's good practice to have marked police units make the actual arrest.

"Although I believe my officers would recognize me, I let the people in uniform and with their badges on... handle that part of it," the chief said.

Police arrested Aaron Sexton, 20, of Oakland, on suspicion of attempted carjacking. He's due in court on Thursday.

For Tudor, a 25-year department veteran, he says he's grateful to be able to get out of the office.

"It feels good to actually go out and do some police work when you're in my role and attending a bunch of meetings," the chief said. "I'm just happy I was able to do my part."

Before the takedown, Tudor had been heading to Peet's anyway to get some coffee for his staff. But because he was waylaid, that caffeine run will have to wait another day.