Santa Clara County officials rejoice following SCOTUS ruling on DACA

For many, Thursday's ruling by the Supreme Court of The United States on DACA was a moment worth celebrating. In Santa Clara County, the moment was a significant victory for Dreamers.

Santa Clara County had actually been part of the lawsuit challenging the repeal of DACA.

"As you can understand this is a very big deal for myself and other DACA recipients. So it definitely draws some emotions: excitement, hopefulness," says Eva Martinez, a DACA recipient.

County lawyers, had jumped into the fray back in 2017, suing to challenge the Trump administration's repeal of DACA.

It marks only the fourth time Santa Clara County has been party to a case in front of the Supreme Court.

"This is a huge victory for the county. But much more importantly this is a victory for all Americans," says James Williams, Santa Clara County Council.

"The court found that the administrations' reported reasons for ending DACA were quote arbitrary and capricious. Because they were," says Miguel Marquez, Chief Operating Officer in Santa Clara County.

DACA offers legal protections for those brought to the country, without documentation, as children. For many, this ruling means a chance to get back to work or school.

"Today, because of this decision, I get to go back and serve my community," says Kevin Guytan, a DACA recipient.

County officials say the fight is far from over. DACA was never meant to be a permanent solution. But they say, the most important thing today's decision gave them was time.

"We must uphold our promise to secure their future and our own," says Susan Ellenberg, a County Supervisor.

"This is absolutely the outcome today. We bought a lot more time and I think it's just absolutely crucial," says County Supervisor Dave Cortese.