Santa Clara County's largest water provider imposes 15% reduction

The Santa Clara Valley Water District announced on Monday it is seeking a 15% reduction in countywide water use from 2019 levels. 

Water district spokesman Matt Keller said that residents and businesses will be asked to reduce watering lawns and landscaping no more than three days a week and the district will enforce rules against water wasting. 

That means people could be fined if they waste water. 

Residents should make sure they don't water so much that the water runs into the street or wash their cars without a nozzle on the hose.

The district’s board is expected to approve the drought plan on Wednesday. 

The board is asking Santa Clara County to also declare a local emergency.

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The proposed reduction amounts to a 33% reduction from 2013 levels, the Mercury News first reported. 

The water district, based in San Jose, is Santa Clara County’s largest water provider, delivers water to 2 million residents.

The Mercury News notes the move will be the first time since the historic drought of 2012 to 2016 that Santa Clara County residents will face mandatory water restrictions. The county also will become the most populous area in California to impose mandatory water restrictions.