Santa Clara mayor announces retirement day after Super Bowl ends

After a string of Super Bowl 50 related events culminated with Sunday's game at Levi's Stadium, the mayor of Santa Clara announced today he would be stepping down from his position.

Mayor Jamie Matthews said he would retire starting Tuesday during a news conference attended by the city's police chief and members of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Matthews was first voted into office in 2014. He's currently serving his second term, which is set to expire in November 2018.

At a City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Vice Mayor Teresa O'Neill will preside over the meeting, according to city spokeswoman Jennifer Yamaguma.

The council has 30 days to decide if they want to appoint someone to the mayor's position. If the council has not decided within those 30 days, the decision will go before voters in the upcoming November election,
Yamaguma said.