Search in Jenner Suspended for Missing 15-Year-Old Girl

The Solano County Sheriff’s Department has suspended its search in the coastal town of Jenner for 15-year-old Pearl Pinson, who was last seen in Vallejo last Wednesday.  After two full days of searching, Christine Castillo, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department said, “Search teams have conducted a thorough search of the area and we’ve met our goals, we’re confident that Pearl is not here.”

Pearl Pinson was last seen on a pedestrian bridge in Vallejo, on her way to her bus stop.  A witness told detectives she was abducted by a man who was later identified as 19-year-old Fernando Castro.  The witness said Pearl’s face was bleeding and that Castro had a gun.  Castro was later killed in a police shootout in Santa Barbara County.

Pinson’s family is keeping vigil for her safe return, and expressed disappointment that the two-day search in Jenner came up empty.

“They were out there in this heat and I just thought her backpack, a clue... something might turn up... I feel like we’re back at square one now,” Champaygne Tafoya, Pearl Pinson’s Cousin, said.  She also said Pinson’s family has not given up hope that she will be found alive.  “We just want her home.  We pray to god that she is safe... somewhere, that she’ll come home safe. Any alternative to that is just heartbreaking, it’s devastating.”