SF Mayor Ed Lee plans to decide on new police chief by year's end

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee tells KTVU he's in the middle of the search for a new police chief, and should have a decision by the end of the year.

"This is one of the most important positions for San Francisco and I'm going to make the best decision for everybody. We want a chief that's going to make sure all the recommendations that the police commission has worked on to modernize our police department overseen by the department of justice. That we'll make sure we restore faith. Be the best practices so I'm being very careful and deliberate but I'm finalizing the interviews and my expectation is to have an announcement by the end of the year."

Lee is reviewing three finalists who were sent to him by the police commission. He said there have been interviews and there are follow-up questions.

"I want to be very solid on the individual that we choose because there has been much, much time spent by the commission as a whole - and I want to honor and respect their efforts. They've had dozens of meetings with many people in the community so it's my responsibility to make sure I have the result that they respect as well," said Lee.

Lee said the city is facing many issues, so it's a very important decision that he wants to spend time on.

Lee wrapped up his interviews saying he will make sure an announcement on the police chief is made by the end of the year. He adds, "I know everyone will be proud because of the quality time we put into this."