SFO travelers feel effects of Florida flight cancellations

West Coast airline travelers felt the waves of flight cancellations from Hurricane Matthew's East Coast assault Thursday night.

Passengers on San Francisco International Airport's nonstop flights to and from Fort Lauderdale and Miami had to make other plans. Fourteen flights Thursday, nine arrivals and five departures, were cancelled.

Even travelers flying to other destinations on the East Coast said the hurricane was impacting their families and friends.

"People are concerned and worried and panicked," said Brahm Sharma of New Jersey. Sharm said his brother is in Miami and his daughter Angelie was trying to come home from Duke University but was having difficulty finding any flight.

"She's right now in North Carolina and trying to come back," Sharma said, "The flights are getting canceled and school has canceled the program for tomorrow."

Another traveler said his friend was supposed to meet him in New York.

"My friend flew down to Miami to celebrate his mother's 90th birthday and got stuck down there and he can't get back to New York," said Girish Nair who was returning to New York from SFO.

The uncertain air travel is also impacting PG&E crews from the Bay Area who are preparing to fly down to the hurricane zone Friday and help restore downed power lines.

"We are prepping material we are prepping all our clothes, as of right now we're flying out tomorrow," said Facundo Ronquillo, a PG&E foreman.

The PG&E crews plan to fly from Sacramento, but don't know which airport on the East Coast will be open to receive them.

Flights to and from Orlando, Raleigh, and Charlotte managed to stay open Thursday, a relief to those passengers who just hope they and others will get home safely and soon.

"Hopefully it will stay off in the Atlantic and won't bother other people on the East Coast and won't affect us as much as we think it will affect us," said Wesley Young, who was flying to Roanoke, Virginia.