SFPD arrest man suspected of slamming puppy into floor, killing it

San Francisco Police announced the arrest of a man they say killed a puppy in a violent attack last month.

23-year-old Delos Pierre Gallon was arrested after a five week manhunt led by officers from SFPD Tenderloin Station. Gallon was arrested at hotel in San Mateo on Wednesday on charges of domestic violence, kidnapping and felony animal cruelty. 

Police say surveillance video shows Gallon grabbing a four-month old Cocker Spaniel "Prince" and slamming the puppy into the floor, killing him. 

Police said the incident started as an argument between a couple inside a convenience store on Turk Street on April 14, 2018. 

Police said Gallon threw canned goods at the woman and then grabbed her puppy from the arms of another person and forcefully slammed it into the floor. Officers transported the victim and puppy to San Francisco Animal Care and Control for treatment. Unfortunately, Prince did not survive his injuries.