SFPD horse is retired after seven years

A 19-year-old SFPD Mounted Unit horse is retiring after serving for seven years.

Gunny was honored in a retirement ceremony and brunch at Lefty O'Doul's Wednesday morning. 

In a seven-year-long tradition, Gunny's shoes have been hung above Lefty O'Doul's front door next to the shoes of six other retired horses'. 

Officer Robert Toy of the mounted unit says that they'll miss the slight waddle Gunny had when he walked. Toy added that the beloved horse is retiring due to a minor hind leg issues and old age. 

Gunny has been a part of many Bay Area events and parades including the World Series and Cherry Blossom parades. He joined the force in June 2009

Gunny will now become a companion horse for another horse under a private owner. 

The mounted unit also welcomed three new officers at the ceremony.