Shark attack reported in the Stillwater Cove area of Pebble Beach

Firefighters treated the victim of a shark attack in the Stillwater Cove area on Friday afternoon in Pebble Beach, according to Cal Fire. 

Authorities say one person was transported to a local trauma center to be treated. The injured party was reportedly fishing beneath the surface in the area where he was attacked. Firefighters assisted with the evacuation of other civilians in the area of Carmel Beach and Stillwater Cove.

Two off duty Deputies of the Monterey County Sheriff's Office were first on the scene, according to officials. They were finishing up a day of fishing at Stillwater Cove before being alerted to a victim of a shark bite.

One of the deputies was trained in emergency field medicine and applied a tourniquet to the man's leg, stopping his massive blood loss.

The Sheriff Airplane responded to the scene and spotted a large aquatic animal in the water off Pescadero Point  that may have been a shark.