Sheriff's office announces operation second chance for month of December

Photo: Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. 

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office announced Thursday that it, along with all other law enforcement agencies in the county, has launched Operation Second Chance for individuals with non-violent misdemeanor criminal and traffic warrants to receive a citation with a new court date instead of being booked into jail.

Sheriff's officials said offenders can walk into any Santa Clara County law enforcement agency on any day this month to receive a warrant citation and will have to sign a "promise to appear" for a future court date.

According to sheriff's officials, 3,500 people have taken advantage of this program over the past decade and have avoided jail time over the holidays.

The December program is directed toward most misdemeanor warrants regardless of bail amount, even with warrants that are "no cite and release" and "no bail."

Felony warrants, any warrant involving violence - including all domestic violence warrants - any warrants involving guns, warrants involving resisting arrest and warrants involving giving false information to a peace officer do not qualify for the program.

Anyone with questions on the program is invited to call the sheriff's office at (408) 808-4717.