Solano County D.A. recuses her office from review of two deadly Vallejo police shootings

The Solano County district attorney on Thursday said she is recusing her office from reviewing the deadly Vallejo police officer shootings of Sean Monterrosa and Willie McCoy.

The decision to do so was due to a lack of public trust and a perceived conflict of interest, D.A. Krishna Abrams said. 

In her announcement, Abrams said she sought to preserve that trust, preserve community safety, and to provide confidence in the outcome of these reviews. 

Abrams is seeking for State Attorney General Xavier Becerra to conduct an independent review of these cases to see if the officers who shot and killed Monterrosa and McCoy should face criminal charges. The D.A. said Becerra has a "legal duty" to do so. Last week Becerra declined Abrams' request to look into these cases.  

Monterrosa was suspected of looting a drug store on June 2 when a Vallejo officer shot him through the windshield of his car

Police shot McCoy 55 times in 3.5 seconds in February after he fell asleep in a car at a fast food drive through. Police said he reached for a gun that was on his lap. A report found that police acted reasonably in that shooting.