Sources: Alameda Co. Sheriff's Deputy fired for stealing suspect's gold chain

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An Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy has been fired after he was caught on video with what’s believed to be a gold chain taken from a suspect. A KTVU 2 investigates is what lead to the discovery of a homeless couple who said they were given the chain, cash and drugs as "hush money". 

Sources told KTVU on Friday that Deputy Shawn Osborne, who had been seen swinging the chain, was terminated after an internal investigation. He’d been on administrative leave until Friday, July 29.

According to authorities, the chain was taken from suspect Stanislav Petrov, who was chased by other deputies from the East Bay to San Francisco last November.

The homeless couple said they were bribed because they witnessed Petrov being beaten by two deputies. Those two deputies have been charged with assaulting Petrov.

Osborne’s attorney said her client denies any wrong doing.

It is  yet to be determined if Osborne will face criminal charges.