South Bay businesses cash in on 49ers Super Bowl fever

From red and gold cupcakes to specialty cocktails, some South Bay businesses are cashing in on the 49ers post-season success.

At Frost Cupcake Factory in San Jose, the Super Bowl run has never been so sweet.

Owner Andrea Buswell has already taken between 30 and 40 separate orders for various 49ers themed cupcakes and says the calls started coming in right after the 49ers won the NFC Championship.

"We're closed Sundays so we...decided that we will open Sunday because this is a huge deal and we've never experienced this before. So we will be open Sunday for pick-up pre-orders and we'll try to have extra stuff in the shop for people that pick up last-minute too," said Buswell.

Buswell grew up in the Bay Area and has been a 49ers fan her whole life and says her team's winning streak is great both personally and professionally.

"It's really exciting to not only just do it because I know it's good for business, but it's in my heart too. It's awesome," said Buswell. 

In San Jose's Japantown, employees at Jack's Bar put up decorations Monday in preparation for a rush of Super Bowl patrons Sunday.

"I've been at Jack's Bar for 13 years. There's always a rush during the beginning and there's always a rush during half time and then after the game," said bartender Rina Santoro.

At Levi's Stadium, the seats will be empty come Sunday. 

There will be a watch party down below at Bourbon Pub & Steak for fans willing to pay $100 a ticket.

The director of operations, Gordon Kalinic, says attendees will have access to an all-you-can-eat chef's table two hours before kickoff and through the second half.

The restaurant at Levi's Stadium can host up to 450 guests who will have to pay extra for the specialty cocktails, including a pink gin-based beverage named "Welcome to Miami."

"It's going to be...the second-best football party on earth outside of Miami. We have our chef-prepared menu, we're going to offer specialty Miami Vice-themed cocktails. We're going to decorate the whole place in the theme of Miami to offer our guests that feel as if they were there," said Kalinic.