Storm system brings massive waves to Pacifica coastline

Mother Nature put on a fierce display as massive waves pounded the shoreline at  the Pacifica Pier on Sunday night.

The water was obviously a place to avoid, but definitely a sight to see with no shortage of sightseers venturing to Beach Blvd. to take pictures and witness the mighty force of the ocean.

“We decided that they needed to see how dangerous the ocean could be,” said Tammy Dirksen, who had her two young boys in tow.

“It was crazy stuff,” described her son Liam Dirksen. “The waves were just crashing on the rocks and like curling over… it was amazing.”

Under the watchful eye of a ranger, the pier remained open as the curious and those looking to reel in a catch braved the rain and crashing waves.

“They decided that they wanted to see the waves so we left the house (and) ate dinner on the way,” said Marco Brew.

The Menlo Park resident brought his two girls out to see the awesome might of the waves, but only after they had finished their homework for the evening.

“These waves kind of scare me because they’re really high,” said Condoleezza Brew.

Her sister also seemed to enjoy the impressive show of the Pacific tide barreling toward the sea wall.

“It was scary and at the same time kind of interesting,” Alissandra Brew said.

Authorities urging people over the next few days to stay out of the water for their own safety.

While drivers are being advised to take it slow on the roads throughout the Bay Area.

Traffic slowed to a crawl on the Bay Bridge because of a crash, one of many reported across the area as collisions tend to increase on slick roads.

There was no escaping the trouble brought by the wet weather either by land, by sea or by air.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that delays at San Francisco International Airport averaged three hours and seven minutes due to the inclement weather.

For those looking to get out of the cold, the Chit-Chat Café, located at the entrance to the pier, was open for business and serving up hot drinks.

“There’s coming in here also because it’s a lot warmer than outside,” said barista Lia Warnke.

There are visitors to Pacifica Pier who will tell you that there is an excitement about watching the waves.

“It’s scary out there because it swerves on you,” said Millbrae resident Andre Lopez who watched the waves with his dog, Gipsie.. “It’s just like you’re on a roller coaster if you go out farther.”

As the waved crashed over the far end of the pier, a city ranger cleared visitors off and closed the gates at 6p.m., four hours early, because of the dangerous conditions.