Storms cause downed trees in Oakland

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Recent storms have caused many trees to fall and cause damage throughout Oakland.

Saturday morning, four cars were involved in a rollover crash that CHP says was likely caused by a tree falling onto Highway 13.

None of the four drivers were seriously injured. 

Crews were on scene of the crash and say the traffic impact on the southbound lanes of Highway 13 should be minimal. 

CHP warns drivers to be extra safe while driving on wet roads.

In Montclair,  two trees crashed into a home around 4 a.m.

Neighbors say that a tree first fell down onto Thornhill Drive, causing the other two trees to fall into the home

One tree appears to have fallen onto a deck area, and the other fell into the home.

Crews says no one was hurt and there is not yet any word about if the home is safe for the residents. 

Clean-up crews are on scene to remove the trees.