Straight A student, 9, shot in head while waiting in car in Detroit

A 9-year-old boy was injured this weekend when he was shot in the head while waiting in a car in Detroit.

The boy was sitting in a parked car on Murray Hill in Detroit when the shooter opened fire on the vehicle. He and another child were both hit by the shooter.

The boy is in the hospital and bracing for surgery to treat his wounds. Meanwhile, police are still searching for the shooter responsible for the terrible act.

Ciera Milo is standing guard by her son's bed. The mother of 9-year-old Malik Cosey says they're relying on people's prayers.

"I'm glad people keeping my son in their prayers cause God was not through with my baby yet," Milo said. "Just keep him in your prayers and he's gonna pull through."

Malik was sitting in the car Saturday afternoon and waiting with his uncle and cousin to head to the movie. That's when a Dodge Magnum pulled up and someone started shooting. Malik was hit in the head and originally listed in critical condition. He's now out of the intensive care unit.

3 Detroit children shot at, 9 year old in critical condition

Milo says her son was able to get out of the car and get help.

"Malik he's a strong soon as he got shot he was able to walk to the door," Milo said.

She said although her son has damage to his face and has lost vision in his right eye, his spirits are high. She says her son is a joy to be around, a straight A student, and dedicated big brother.

Milo is thanking God her son is still alive but admits she's frustrated that whoever pulled the trigger is still free.

"Malik is a good kid. He didn't deserve this. Don't no kid deserve this," she said. "My baby gotta suffer the rest of his life and you just out there free.

Detroit police are actively searching for those suspects while Milo and her family stay by her son's side. They're also planning a peace walk in Malik's name.

"God - he's not through with my baby. I gotta be strong for him."

The family is asking one thing of the public: to keep praying and believe that Malik will pull through. Meanwhile, Milo has a message to the shooters.

"It's going to haunt you for the rest of your life. You won't be able to sleep at night," she said. "You're a coward."

A GoFundMe account has been set up, CLICK HERE.