Stray dogs show up at funeral, pay their respects to woman who used to feed them

A funeral for a woman in Mexico took an unexpected turn when several stray dogs, that she used to feed, showed up to pay their respects, according to a report.

Margarita Suarez was an animal lover her entire life. She died in early March of an illness.

Throughout her life, Suarez had always fed stray dogs and cats that would show up to her home. She would also carry a bag of food around if she left the house, just in case she ran into any stray animals to feed, according to Misiones Online.

When the dogs began to appear at the funeral home, family members were stunned. Staff of the funeral home said that they had never seen the dogs before.

The dogs were then allowed to lie peacefully on the floor near Suarez's coffin.

The Daily Mail reports on the day of Suarez's funeral, the dogs even formed a procession behind the hearse.

Eventually, the dogs left after Suarez's body was being prepared for cremation.

Suarez's daughter's post on Facebook was translated below:

"It's very painful to tell you that my mother has passed away, thanks to everyone who prayed for her health..I share photos of the saddest day of my life, only because something marvelous happened that I want to share, my mother was an animal lover, she couldn't come across any without giving them a little bit of food. Upon arrival at her wake, out of nowhere a group of dogs came into the salon and stayed there all night as if on guard, this morning they left and couldn't be found anywhere, but one hour before we brought my mom out the dogs came back and grouped around as if to say goodbye. I swear by God that it was beautiful, marvelous.. Rest in peace beautiful mother, I'll love you for all of eternity."

Original post:

"Es muy doloroso comunicarles q mi madre falleció, gracias a todos los que oraron por la salud de ella..Les compartiré imágenes del día más triste de mi vida y lo hago sólo por que sucedió algo maravilloso que deseo compartir, mi madre fue una amante de los animales, no podía toparce con alguno y no darle un poco de comida incluso eran primero ellos que ella, al llegar al lugar de velacion con ella de la nada llego una manada de perros, entraron a la salita de velacion y se instalaron pero haciendo fiesta a los que estábamos presente, toda la noche se quedaron como haciendo guardia, por la mañana de hoy se fueron y por ningún lugar se veían,pero 1 hra antes de llevarnos a mama regresaron y se volvieron a instalar como despedida, juro por Dios qun fue algo hermoso, maravilloso..

Descanza en paz madrecita linda,te amare todo la eternidad Rose Margarita Suarez"

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