Students on edge after series of UC Berkeley rapes

A recent series of rapes at UC Berkeley have many female students on edge and on guard, after another sexual assault was reported this week.

UC police have arrested one man, but are still investigating.

Female students say they're being extra cautious here, especially at night. 

"I think it is disgusting what is going on, that people are being taken advantage of," said senior Monica Casanova.

Earlier this week a student told police she was raped at her residential hall on September 10th. It was the second rape at a residential hall in less than a week, and fifth near campus this month alone.
That same day, September 10th, three women reported being sexually assaulted during a concert at the Greek Theater.    

"It would seem there are more reports than normal," said UC Berkeley Sgt. Sabrina Reich.
Police have arrested a student, Sardar Khan, in connection with the first dormitory rape and are seeing if he is connected to any of the others.

UC police say they have not felt the need to increase patrols beyond their typical staffing levels and partnership with Berkeley City Police.

"We've been sending out crime tips to make the community aware of the crimes and steps they can take to prevent the likelihood of being a target of sexual assault," said Reich.

Female students we spoke with worry about their safety.
"I don't feel safe on campus," said one sophomore.

Some say they call Bear Walk, a campus service that will escort students home at night. Others seldom venture out.

"I make sure I walk with someone. My mom bought me a Taser," said student Autumn Tate.

Victims are provided counseling and other services on campus.

The university has tried to establish a climate on campus where victims of sexual assault are encouraged to  come forward.