Tampa doctor saves dog from being strangled by elevator

A Tampa doctor's quick thinking saved the life of a dog that was being strangled when an elevator closed on its leash.

Surveillance video from the lobby of the Olympus Harbor Island Apartments showed Dr. Mohammed Awad walking into the front door, where a woman was tending to her dog after stepping off the elevator.

Suddenly, the doors shut with the end of the dog's leash still stuck inside.

The pup was quickly dragged up by its collar as the elevator moved up, appearing to cause the dog to choke.

Awad dropped his belongings and rushed to help the woman unleash the dog. They managed to free the pup, and the video shows Awad and the dog both fall to the ground.

Faris Awad posted the terrifying video to Facebook with the caption, "My brother saved a dog's life."

It is not known if the dog was injured in the incident.