Target applauded for breastfeeding friendly policy

Target is being applauded for their breastfeeding policy after a copy of their employee manual surfaced online.

The manual emphasizes to employees that breastfeeding mothers are allowed to breastfeed anywhere in the store. It goes on to read that only if a customer asks where she may breastfeed her child, should employees offer her a fitting room.

In December of 2011 Target a group of mother staged a nurse-in after a woman, nursing in the clothing section of a Texas Target, says a group of employees surrounded by her and asked her to move to a fitting room. After that incident Target responded by saying while they support the use of fitting rooms for breastfeeding, mothers are allowed to breastfeed anywhere they choose within the store.

The Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk shared the recent photo of the store’s breastfeeding policy last week. The post has already gained over 40,000 likes and nearly 17,000 shares.