Teen’s quarantine boredom spawns spontaneous homemade swings

Like many children these days, 13-year-old Jack Carlisle of Oakland misses his friends and needed something to do.

"He made several tree forts at our house and then after that needed more projects," said his father Todd Carlisle.

The teenager puts it more simply.

"Because with quarantine, everything is kind of boring," said Jack Carlisle.

But then a few months ago, from boredom birthed an idea for the 8th grade student at Edna Brewer Middle School.

And his idea involved a 2-foot long piece of plywood and a lot of rope.

Jack decided to build homemade swings for his community.

"Swings because they're easy to build and they're kind of enjoyable for anyone of any age," said Jack Carlisle.

He's already made 20 and put them up all over Oakland, from Dimond Park to Jack London Square.

His goal is to put up 50 swings across a diverse range of neighborhoods.

Fourth grader Alita Uludoag sat on one homemade swing near Lake Merritt Monday evening.

"This is really fun! It's just really fun to get outside and come to a swing every day!" exclaimed Uludoag.

"These swings are great 'cause..you can socially-distance swing," said her father Kenton Williston.

As for the swing creator, Jack says he just wants to make a few people feel better.

"If I can make five people's lives better, that's kind of all I want," said Jack Carlisle.

Children are finding the swings, and discovering a bit of peace during the pandemic, one swing at a time.