Thanksgiving rush involves ham, burnt almond cake and hitting the road

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It's the mad rush before Thanksgiving. Stores, highways and airports all packed as people get ready to celebrate the holiday.

The night before Thanksgiving and the last-minute rush is on. At Honeybaked Ham in San Jose, customers were greeted by cramped parking lots and long lines.
"It's good ham," said Thomas Lopez of San Jose. "It's Thanksgiving tradition."

Employee David Reed calls it mayhem and said it's been like this all day.

"There's been people arguing in the parking lot," said Reed. "People asking to take orders from the side and people trying to pay you It's really crazy."

The frenzy continued in East San Jose at Peters' Bakery.

The bakery was out of their famous burnt almond cake. It's the busiest day of the year for the 80-year-old institution.

"Only those who have gotten an order in will get something because we are out of pies, we are out of burnt almond, we are pretty much out our standard stuff," said Cassy Hawkins of Peters' Bakery.

For many people choosing not to having Thanksgiving at home, they hit the road. David Stenrund and his family are visiting from Utah. They are among the millions of Americans on a road trip with gas prices down.

"Just a little slow down on I-880 but it's been awesome," said Stenrund. "We have had no problems."

For those travelers not on the road, they are in the air.

"I love Thanksgiving," said Michelle Swenson of San Jose. "It's the best time and we are so excited to see our family."

At Mineta San Jose Airport, passenger traffic is expected to be up 15 percent this Thanksgiving week. For the Rose family, they are headed to Canada to avoid all the holiday stress.

"I think everything that's happened recently politically and negatively on both sides," said Mary Rose of San Jose. "We just want to do something that feels more comfortable and loving and focused on family and friends."