That Kid's Got Game: 6-year-old BMX beast from Danville

Kaden Jaquias has got game.

And he’s this week’s talent on “That Kid’s Got game.”

When he’s not competing as a California top-ten BMX racer, he’s bombing outdoor tracks on his mountain bike, which he’s grown to really enjoy as of late. And that more recent exploration pins him up against kids significantly older than him. That’s because this week’s sports-skill-stud is just six years old. 

The Danville native learned how to pedal a bike with no training wheels when he was two and by four he was racing competitively. He won 10 of his first 12 races and is currently ranked 10th in the state by USABMX. 

Kaden primarily trains after school. He usually rides with his dad and has learned some tricks from watching YouTube videos – and now he can be found on the KTVU That Kid’s Got Game channel!

Part of his draw to mountain bike racing is practicing in nature. He’s fueled by adventure and enjoys teaching friends, cousins and classmates how to ride. And despite how young he is, Kaden is a big proponent for spending time having fun outside. 

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