That Kid's Got Game: San Jose boy draining baskets since 18 months old

Nowadays, many people believe getting kids involved in multiple sports, instead of potentially burning out on one or getting hurt from so much repetition, is the way to go for young athletes. Kaine “HurriKaine” Mendez is just fine with that approach. 

The three-year-old from San Jose has been draining baskets (on camera) since he was 18 months old. And you can catch his golf game on the kitchen floor, where he makes it into a drinking cup with a plastic putter. And he does it while moving. Kaine's skills have landed him on That Kid's Got Game

He’s been a gamer since he was young, Kaine’s dad Adrian Mendez says. At 11 months old he was already showing interest in sports. So by the time he hit that shot he’d already had seven months of practice, according to Mendez.

“I believe it was muscle memory after that. No matter where we sat him, or where we placed the hoop, he was shooting,” Mendez said. 

Mobile users watch Kaine here

Kaine is the youngest of four siblings in a “big sports family.” Mendez says sports are always on the TV and Kaine mimics his favorite players. Situational scenarios for basketball often involves a family member being tagged as a certain Warriors player. Kaine always calls himself Curry after Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. 

Everyday Kaine practices, his dad says. Whether it’s with siblings, his dad or even his grandpa. And while Kaine is willing to put in the practice, Mendez describes his son’s confidence as a massive strength.


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