That Kid's Got Game: Teen with special needs hits buzzer beater, describes how 'surreal' it was

A teenage boy with special needs lived out what every basketball fan has thought of at least once: He hit a buzzer beater in a real game. 

But it’s is unbridled joy and elation that was so inspiring. He got to do his victory lap, receive a ton of high-fives, and enjoy the moment.  For his shot and celebration, Andrew Regan is this week’s talent on That Kid’s Got Game

And the shot was no average jumper. It was from half-court. Actually, he was a step behind the line. 
Andrew’s squad closed out the third quarter and lifted the spirits of many in turn, but in the end it wasn’t enough for Cherry Creek High School to hold off Overland High School in the one-point loss. 

Andrew wasn’t happy about the outcome, but he wasn’t short of a smile during his post-game interview. “It was awesome. Me going out there and doing that on this course is surreal,” said Regan, who called out the Denver Nuggets forward Tre Lyles and then shared his plan for making it to the NBA, which includes eating “healthy stuff instead of eating pizza.” And practice, of course.

The shot went viral. People were thrilled for Andrew. KTVU caught up with Greg Critchett, unified sports director Cherry Creek High School, to see how the coming days were for the 17-year-old junior from the Denver-area. 

“I thought it might go to his head, but he has not done that and actually has focused on being better in every aspect of his play,” he said, who added that Andrew had some “nice drives to the basket” in their last game. 

Andrew plays as a part of a unified team on campus that offers an opportunity for players with varying abilities to compete with each other. But his game isn’t only recognized on the basketball court. Andrew likes to act and this past fall he landed one of the main roles in an adaption of the classic Shakespeare comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” 

Sports are his passion though, Critchett said, who visited him Sunday at his house where he saw stacks of trading cards and the TV was set on SportsCenter. 

Echoing his own praise for how the teenager reacted to brief internet stardom, Critchett said Andrew has used this time to talk about his friends and how much they mean to him.


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