'They need to be protected,' Pleasant Hill woman leaves handmade masks on front door for delivery workers

Surveillance video shows a UPS driver making a delivery in Pleasant Hill.

It Iooks routine enough, but after he sets the package down, he notices something on the door: three handmade face masks and a sign asking delivery drivers to please take one because "we want to make sure you stay safe."

"Aww thank you. That's awesome! Thank you," the delivery worker said in comments captured on a Nest camera.

"I saw the Nest go off and I saw the doorbell," said Marcie Christensen. "And I watched him and he put the box down. And he kinda did the doubletake and I was actually watching him live."

Christensen says the UPS driver's reaction made her heart sing.

"I just, I started to smile," she said. "He made my day. The reason I put it out there was to help him."

Christensen said first responders need as much protection on the front lines, but delivery people need to be safe too on their routes.

"They need to be protected, or we're gonna shut down all delivery, you know? They're all gonna be gone," Christensen said. "We won't have the deliveries. We won't have the truckers. We won't have the produce."

So Christensen went to work. Using her sewing machine and instructions online, she made masks out of fabric.

"If you notice, there's a pig theme going on. I had a lot of pig fabric that I've saved over the years," Christensen said.

An explanation may be in order. Christensen happens to be president of the California Potbellied Pig Association. She has two pigs at home named Brix and Mason.

Hence, the pig-themed PPEs. The masks, carefully crafted and put together.

"I use gloves and wear a mask before I bag them," she said. 

Bagged and packaged with care, for the carriers who come bearing packages.