Thieves hack away at jewelry cases with hammers at San Rafael store, take off in gold Mercedes

Surveillance video inside a San Rafael jewelry store shows three men in ski masks hacking away at glass cases with hammers and making off with an undisclosed amount of merchandise.

San Rafael police on Tuesday released the video Tuesday showing the smash-and-grab, reported on June 23 about 3:20 a.m. from Villa Jewelers at 1307 Fourth Street.

WATCH: Thieves smash jewelry cases

That morning, police got a call from someone who heard an alarm going off and saw four people taking off from the  jewelry store in a gold Mercedes.

The video provided by police shows three men in ski masks, hoodies and dark clothing smashing open the jewelry shop door and using hammers to break the glass display shelves before taking several items.

Police are encouraging jewelry stores to remove merchandise from their display cabinets when they close at night. Anyone with information should call the San Rafael Police Department at 415-485-3000.