Tracking Santa: How penguins also brave arctic temperatures

It's not just Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves who are braving the cold this holiday, but also penguins!

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, recently showcased its penguin exhibit. 

"Our penguin habitat is kept at about 34°F, and it is home to about 258 penguins," a spokesperson told LiveNOW from FOX.  

The exhibit features five species of penguins including the king penguin, the biggest species at the park in which they usually have brown feathers when they are born. 

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The animals are also known for their ability to communicate with one another.  

"They're very social animals as well, so they're always chattering about with each other, talking with their partners, talking with their kids, just talking to their group," the spokesperson added.

Penguins are mostly pescatarians, feeding on fish, the park said. They also have fruits and vegetables in their diets. 

Visitors can visit the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit at the park. Officials say it's advisable to bring a sweater or long sleeves, because these penguins prefer cooler temperatures.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.