Traffic light smashes into Santa Clara home narrowly missing residents

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A Santa Clara family had quite a close call Thursday night after a toppled traffic signal smashed into their house just feet away from where they were sitting.

The signal was knocked over after a suspected drunk driver crashed into another car around 11:00p.m. near the intersection of Lafayette and Lewis streets, just a few blocks from Santa Clara University.

After that collision one of the cars crashed into the pole, which toppled through the living room window of the home, where the family was sitting.

"It was like a bomb went off outside.  All we knew was that our window was flying at us," said resident Patrick Paul

They were sprayed with glass but were not hit by the pole and only suffered minor injuries.

When the family went outside they saw a man stumbling around apparently intoxicated.

Police detained him on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The resident told KTVU that this is the third time the home has been hit by a car.

While they are just renting the home, they plan to continue living there after it is repaired.