Uber aims to get passengers to buckle up

A  new campaign  called Make it Click will send a message to Uber riders through the app.

The message urges riders to use a seatbelt  and encourages drivers to wait until all passengers are buckled up before starting the trip.

Uber is taking action because studies show passengers are less likely to buckle up when sitting in the back seat – or when going on short trips. 

“Our hope is to align with the road safety community and to make sure we are doing our part to get to our nationwide goal of zero deaths from crashes,” Uber said in a statement. “We know that seatbelts save 10,000 lives and thousands more could have been saved by this very simple action. from a company our position is if our goal is to get to zero, we all need to employ  every single tool we have in the tool box including focusing on things that might not be on top of mind like bucking up.”

Memorial Day weekend is part of the national Click It Or Ticket enforcement period.