Uber fined $7.6 million by state regulators

The CPUC has followed a judge’s recommendation and fined Uber $7.6 million.

The CPUC said that Uber has been too slow to provide the state with detailed information on the company’s riders and drivers. 

The five-member commission unanimously approved a proposed decision by an administrative law judge setting the fine for Rasier-CA LLC, which operates Uber's cellphone-based service in California.

The decision said the subsidiary's failure to provide required data in three categories "was willful (i.e. inexcusable)."

In the past, the state has argued that this information is valuable to ensure that drivers are serving riders regardless of neighborhood.  The state had sought more information on driver accidents, and on how often drivers turned down disabled passengers and passengers in general.  The taxi industry is required to report this information.

Uber, however, says it has handed over all the data sought by the state.  In a statement, a spokesperson for Uber said: “While we are disappointed by the decision, we look forward to making our case to the California Court of Appeals. In the meantime, we will pay the fine and continue to work in good faith with the Commission."  

The company adds that they are up to date on all data requests, and they dispute how the fine was calculated.  Uber contends the fine does not take into account the data they have already provided and the time it was provided.