UCSF workers robbed by men with shotgun

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Police are investigating two armed holdups of UCSF employees around dawn Friday, not far from the Parnassus campus.

The first incident happened as the victim was walking near 8th and Noriega.

"The suspect pulled up in a white SUV, jumped out with a shotgun and demanded all his property," said San Francisco police Officer Joseph Tomlinson, a department spokesman.

The victim did as he was asked. The robber took off. But it turns out, it wasn't over. 

"Strangely enough, the suspect came back around, approached the victim again and said 'unlock your phone,' " Tomlinson said. "He had him unlock his phone and take off the tracking."

A short while later, another UCSF employee was walking near 9th and Lawton, a couple of blocks away, when the same SUV pulled up next to him.

"This time, two suspects get out of the vehicle, pointing firearms at the victim, demanding his property," Tomlinson said. "The victim once again complied."

But this time, before driving away, the robbers asked the victim to unlock his phone and disable the tracking. 

The robberies are under investigation by San Francisco police, but UCSF police are stepping up patrols around the campus - and urging people to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

"Just be aware of your surroundings. I mean, it's unfortunate what happened, but sometimes some of these things can't be avoided," Tomlinson said.

UCSF employees we spoke to were concerned. 

"I thought this is a neighborhood where I don't have to worry about nothing like that.  Now, I have to be on guard. I hope they catch them," said Kenneth Coleman, a campus custodian.

Many UCSF workers wear badges making their affiliation with the campus clear. Some wondered whether the victims were targeted. 

"They were probably like, 'OK, we know they might have a little money, they might have this and that, so we'll go up there and rob them,'" Coleman said.

Min Kang, a UCSF neurologist said, "There are many people in and out of the hospital all the time when it's night or dark, early in the morning. So it is concerning because a lot of employees come in and out of the hospital."