Vandals deface 2 murals in Mission District

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - Vandals have hit two more murals in the Mission District, and they left behind a hateful message. 

The graffiti is now gone from the mural on the outside wall of the corner market, La Gallinita.

The mural, depicting the virgin of Guadalupe, is incredibly important to the community. 

Earlier this week someone spray-painted "white power" on the artwork. 

Salvador Vazquez owns the market located at 24th and Harrison.

“I don’t know what the real message of that was. But I’m not threatened I’m not scared,” said Salvador Vazquez.

He says the Mission is a diverse community that won't stand for this kind of crime. “To start something like this is coward. If they have to say something they should come in front and say it.” 
Vazquez tells KTVU his store gets tagged all the time, but normally the mural is untouched.   

Meanwhile, a similar message was also spray-painted on a mural just a few blocks away at 24th and Van Ness Avenue.

The piece, which pays tribute to a popular radio host, was just completed on Friday. 
The artist behind the mural tells KTVU he's planning to put up cameras to keep his piece from being defaced. 

San Francisco police are reaching out to the people targeted, hoping to find the person behind the offensive graffiti.