Verizon to offer customers a free robocall-blocking app

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Robocalls. We all get them. And everyday, it seems like there is more and more of them.

Verizon wants to help us avoid these, as they will soon offer a free robocall blocking app to customers. Forbes reported on Sunday that the phone company is expected to drop the app at the end of March.

Verizon already offers a similar blocking app, but it costs $2.99 a month. This app currently tries to block suspicious calls by comparing the incoming call to a massive list of known spam numbers. This number is updated constantly throughout the day.

The new free app will operate somewhat differently. Forbes said that the app will use 'SHAKEN/STIR' to spot spam calls. This technology allows Verizon to tap into authentication technology to help verify that the incoming call is actually coming from the number that orginated the call.

Verizon will have instructions on how to download and use the free app by the end of this week, Forbes said. 

Forbes ended their report by stating that AT&T and Comcast are also working to stop the robocall madness.

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This story was written out of Orlando, Florida.