Veterans get home makeovers

In honor of Veterans Day, an 84 year old Korean War vet is receiving a bit of a home makeover thanks to Habitat for Humanity and Wells Fargo.

The project is part of an effort to improve 100 homes for veterans across America. Frank Fallentine who lives in a mobile home park in the Mount Eden neighborhood of Hayward near Southland Mall, admits his home could use some remodeling.

Today that dream became a reality when crews from Habitat for Humanity came to his doorstep.  They're fixing leaky pipes and making sure the stairs are more accessible for Fallentine.

"I couldn't afford it, I don't know what I would have done if I had a plumbing problem... I didn't have the funds. This helped me out," said Fallentine.

The work was made possible by Wells Fargo Bank, which has donated $300,000 to help seniors nationwide.

"We're helping to pay a debt of gratitude," explained Dexter Hall of Wells Fargo.

Specifically veterans like Fallentine- an Oakland native who delivered army supplies in Korea and Japan during the war. 

"Long before words 'pay it forward' came about, [Frank] paid it forward in the fifties so we're here to pay that debt back today," said Hall.

In 2016 Wells Fargo donated about $20 million to non-profits, like Habitat, in order to help serve the needs of military vets and their families.

"This is not just about hammer and nails this is about the individual," said Hall.

Thanks to these crews, Fallentine says he can walk with more confidence.

"The steps going into mobile home were wobbly and really unsafe but now they are really solid." said Fallentine.

Crews are also painting and doing some much needed landscaping.

Fallentine admitted that he's thankful for help, he lives alone since his mother died and spends most days simply hanging out with his cat since he never married or had children.

He said the surprise couldn't have come at a more appropriate time with Veteran's Day happening tomorrow.