Vice President Addresses Democrats in San Jose

Democrats from across California have descended on San Jose for their party’s statewide convention.  Vice President Joe Biden was the headliner on Saturday, and he was immediately interrupted by a protester.  Biden brushed off the man’s shouts, saying, “Let’s not act like Republicans. I ain't Donald Trump. I don't have that much hair."

Biden went on to offer some advice to the Republican candidates, saying, “You can't lead America unless you believe in the American people and their capacity to do virtually anything they set their mind to."

In addition to the presidential race, the focus for California democrats is on who will replace retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer.  Boxer addressed the crowd, delivering what sounded like a farewell speech.  “No matter whom you love or the circumstances of your birth, you taught me to stand up for our state and I thank you!” Boxer said to her fellow democrats.

The choice for democrats, to replace Boxer is between Orange County Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, and Attorney General Kamala Harris.  In her remarks, Sanchez touted her experience in Congress.  Harris took aim at the Republican presidential candidates during her time on stage.

On Saturday night, democratic delegates voted overwhelmingly to endorse Harris, who received 78% of the vote.  She only needed 60% to secure the party’s endorsement.