Victim in Muni train assault video wants suspects charged

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) – The 21-year-old man who was reportedly jumped by two men on a Muni train is now speaking out.

The victim tells KTVU he wants the men and Muni to be held accountable.

Dexter Lotz, a part time student, is now trying to track down the two or three men who assaulted him.

He is threatening legal action against the assailants and also Muni.

A witness took cellphone of the incident, which occurred Thursday night on the N-Judah line, and has since gone viral. 
The video was sent to independent journalist Anna Sterling who first reported the incident.

Lotz was assaulted by the men for apparently playing music too loud.

"If he had a problem with it he should have approached me differently the first reaction he was to pin down another gentleman pinned me down and threw my skateboard off the train," said Lotz. 

Lotz was using a portable Amazon Prime speaker listening to a mix of rap and indie rock.
Lotz said he knows loud music isn't allowed on Muni, but he didn't expect a beat down

"When it comes down to it I was on Muni playing music - someone didn't like it - instead of confronting me verbally, I was assaulted," he said. 
Muni officials also find the video disturbing and are working with police on the investigation

"We've turned our video over to the police department as we try to get to bottom of what happened," said SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose. 

Lotz also fought back and at the time declined to press charges.

"I didn't press charges because the police told me that if I press charges that he will also press charges - if we both press charges then we have to go to court and I don't have time for that," he said. 

Muni says the light rail operator knew about the incident, but the agency encourages drivers to first contact Central Control, which then alerts police. Lotz has a problem with how the ride ended.  "Trying to retrieve my stuff from the train the Muni driver wouldn't let me back on the train and left before police came and the other assailant got away'

Lotz's boss says he's a hard worker and didn't deserve the assault.