Video: E-cigarette in man's pocket explodes

A frightening moment for a customer at a television store in Anaheim, where an e-cigarette in his pocket explodes, leaving him with serious burns.

Surveillance video from Saturday's accident shows the customer looking at televisions at an HDTV Outlet store when sparks erupt and the fiery impact sends him staggering backward in shock.

A cloud of smoke hovers over the customer as he quickly responds by patting his legs and frantically runs out of the camera shot.

The blast tore off part of his pants and left the him with burns to his right thigh.

The man was able to walk out of the store on his own, store officials said.

He told local news outlets that the vape pen in his pocket blew up.

Causes of e-cigarette explosions are thought to be battery-related. 

To avoid such accidents, the Food and Drug Administration recommends considering buying vapes with safety features and keeping loose batteries in a case to prevent contact with metal objects. The FDA also suggests replacing batteries if they get wet or damaged.