Video shows cop car, bicycle collision in San Francisco

Video of a San Francisco police car colliding with a bicyclist shows the threat posed to bikers from vehicles when both are occupying Bay Area roads.

The video was captured on May 12 by an Uber driver using an app called Nexar. The incident occurred in San Francisco at Second and Mission streets. 

Police said they are aware of the video and have launched an internal investigation to find more details about the incident. The officer called paramedics to the scene and they transported the bicyclist to the hospital. The bicycle rider has been identified as Tim Doyle.

Cassidy said Doyle is recovering from fractured bones and a severe leg injury. Cassidy described him as an experienced rider who has cycled in the Bay Area for 25 years.

“He’s shaken up (and) in severe pain,” Cassidy said. “Sound like he’s on the road to recovery though."

Police say they have both a collision investigation and an administrative investigation. Once both are completed they are forwarded to the Department Accident Board of Review.

Meanwhile, officers involved in crash are not allowed to drive, which is standard for all cases.

Mobile app users can watch the video here. 

An app called Nexar captured the collision between the police cruiser and the biker. According to the company's website, the app was created to "rid the world of car accidents."

KTVU reporter Cristina Rendon contributed to this report.