Waitress receives $800 tip, shares the wealth with co-workers

It’s not ‘Cheers,' but Sam’s Place in Novato is a spot where everybody knows your name.  

Shelly Roy has been a waitress at the restaurant for 12 years. She started her shift last Sunday like any other day. 

Roy recalled, “It was 10 people. 10 women. They went and sat in the back room there and we just went through the process. Took the order. Served them. They were having a good time.”

Then it was time for the check and that’s where things turned for Shelly in the best way.

“Before I could hand them the bill one of the ladies hands me a big wad of cash,” Roy says. She went to count the money and realized the ladies had left her a roughly $800 tip. 

Shocked, Roy said she, “Came back and said ‘holy crap you guys,’ and this one over here jumped up and gave me a hug and then I just walked around the whole table and said, ‘Merry Christmas, Thank you so much.’”

Restaurant owner Sam Jarjoura said his business is like a family so it was no surprise to him that she decided to pay it forward.

He said, “She shared with all the employees. And gave everyone-you know, a part of it.”

Roy put some of the money in the bank, but plans to use the rest for a vacation. She said, “We’re going on a cruise in March so that’s going to help a lot.”

As for her mystery holiday helpers-she doesn’t know who they are and didn’t get a picture or know if they’ll be back.  But she just wanted to say how grateful she is to them.

“It really meant so much to me and I appreciate all of it. Thank you so much. I hope you watch this,” Roy concluded.