Want to pamper your pets? Here are some of the most expensive animal accessories

Think you pamper your pet more than anyone? Not if you don’t have some of the items on this list. We’ve put together some of the craziest ways you can drop big bucks on your dog:

  • Every dog needs a collar, but how about an Amour De La Mer collar, which features an ostrich leather band and a sapphire gemstone for $889,000?
  • No one wants their pup to get chilly, so how about a mink hoodie for just $1,259? 
  • If you can’t stand to ever be away from your dog, a Pawbo wi-fi pet camera can let you talk to your pet from anywhere and even give it treats for just $200. 
  • No time to walk Fido? Why not put him on this custom dog treadmill that’ll run you $500. 
  • When dinner is served, your pet will want it in this Medusa Gala Pet Bowl, yours for $995. 
  • And forget a dog house, how about a dog Victorian Cottage? A bargain at just $3760.99! 

OR… maybe your dog would just be happy with some pets and a few extra treats. That’s why we love our animals: because love is all they want from us.