Warriors play final regular season game at Oracle Arena

The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers Sunday night 131-104 in their last regular season game at Oracle Arena. The team will be moving to the Chase Center in San Francisco next year. It was an emotional night for players, fans and staff who have called Oracle home for 47 seasons.

Fans like Rose Marie Jones, who flew in from Atlanta, said it won’t be quite the same.

“Because I love the warriors,” said Jones. “I’m from Oakland. This is their last home game. That's why. Don't make me cry.”

Fans waited in line to snap a "finale" picture and danced their version of soul train. One fan crocheted a quilt out of championship shirts.

“They are different shirts through the years, Warriors shirts I’ve acquired,” said Shay Inocencio of Hayward.

Dub Nation was given cheer cards. On it, it said 47 seasons with the Warriors top players past and present. Jeanie Rizzuto remembers the team way back when.

“I got to see Rick Barry play in the mid 70s' very exciting,” said Rizzuto. “Then we'd also come when Chis Mullen was playing. We’d come when the Warriors weren't doing so well and there was maybe 6,000 people here.”

Oracle Arena is rich with history and memories. The Warriors played their first game in the building in 1967. Fans are emotional over the team's move to the Chase Center in San Francisco.

“It’s sad because it's not going to be the same in San Francisco,” said Alise Levine of Sunnyvale. “It’s all corporate now and they've priced out the true fans.”

“I think it's sad for Oakland,” said Jon Riccrdi of Berkeley. “They lose the Raiders and they lose the Warriors. That's tough for Oakland. That breaks my heart a bit.”

Jon Riccardi has been going to games for 35 years. At the Chase Center, he said, he's now being charged a seat licensing fee for his two courtside seats $450,000 a piece.

“Bye, bye,” said Riccardi. “I’m sure people can do it. It's a very rich area we live in. I’m tight with the price right now. I do it because I love it.”

Curtis Jones is a security guard at Oracle for 25 years. He chooses the ball for Stephen Curry’s tunnel shot. It’s a ritual he cherishes and he’s uncertain if he'll join the team in San Francisco.

“It’s disappointing, it's also rewarding,” said Jones. “I’ve had so many great opportunities, met so many great people.”

At the end of the game, Coach Steve Kerr thanked the fans and said the energy at Oracle Arena was like no other. A banner with the number 47 to symbolize 47 seasons was raised. The banner will be brought to the Chase Center.