Warriors super fan hosts watch party in his "fan cave"

And a super fan in San Bruno showed KTVU his fan cave, which doubles as his garage in the off-season.

"It's kind of like my own section," Jerome Diaz exclaimed, as friends and family in a dozen theatre seats cheered the Warriors on a big screen t.v. "So that's the best part!"

Diaz oversees his watch party with a remote in his hand, that spins a blue light on the ceiling whenever a player scores a three point bucket.

"When I walked in here, I thought, this is amazing," guest Maybel Cortez told KTVU, in her second row seat.

The room boasts all the comforts, high energy and unobstructed views. And unlike the arena, no crowds, no parking fee, and no $9 hot dogs.

You might think, no waiting for the bathroom, but not necessarily.

"We do get a line," smiled Cortez, "because there's always people here watching the game. They love coming here to watch it."

Diaz showed KTVU team posters and signed basketballs from key players and climactic games over the years.

"It started with me, back when my mom was telling me stories about Rick Barry," he explained. "It's not one of my hobbies, it's my only hobby!"

When new owners started investing in the team several years ago, Diaz decided to do so to, springing for season tickets and converting his garage to a blue and gold refuge.

He has plenty of memorabilia, including signed jersey from Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, framed under glass.

But Diaz says the memories in his fan cave are what he really treasures.

It's great that I get to do this with my daughter, teaching her and her cousins about the Warriors. This is a family event more than anything."

"The whole family can be in here together watching the game," added eleven year old Amanda Diaz, "and it doesn't even feel like we're in my house!"

"I like watching at the game," said her dad, "but I love it here more, to tell you the truth. That's the best part."