Witness describes moments before deadly Lafayette shooting between 2 drivers

A man was shot and killed in broad daylight while driving in Lafayette leaving many questions unanswered and a shooter who has yet to be identified. 

Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office identified the victim as Basel Jilani, 20, of Lafayette. 

A witness told KTVU that he saw two black cars speeding down Taylor Street about 1 p.m. Wednesday traveling at about 60 miles an hour when the speed limit is 25. 

The witness said one car cut off the other car and the drivers started arguing. One driver then opened the door of the other car. And that’s when the witness heard gunshots.

When Contra Costa County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, they say bystanders were performing CPR, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene.  

Deputies were searching nearby neighborhoods for the shooter.

The scene was shocking for neighbors in this usually quiet area. 

"It's really crazy to hear there’s a shooting that’s happening," said resident Carina Gonzales. "And we can’t have our kids running around and riding their bikes. And there’s a lot of kids in this neighborhood, so that’s definitely a scary thing to consider." 

Investigators have not released a description of the suspect or the car they were in. 

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KTVU's Henry Lee, Elissa Harrington and Amanda Quintana contributed to this report.