Woman gives birth to triplets, two of them conjoined

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX - A Texas family has a rare delivery, after a Brownsville mom delivered triplets, and two of the newborn girls are conjoined.

While the family did worry about the risks, they started preparing for their new family members months in advance.

"Someone at the hospital told us they heard two hearts and we were happy saying oh maybe and girl and a boy," Roel Torrez said, "she went to the doctor because she was feeling sick and they told us it was three."

"It was a risky pregnancy cause of the babies they could have not made it something could go wrong," Roel added.

The family welcomed Cataline Montserat, Ximena Jockeline and Scarlett Juliet at Bay Area Hospital.

The triplets arrived by cesarean section, and mom was only thirty-four weeks into her pregnancy.

The babies arrived weighing four pounds eleven ounces.

While the two conjoined sisters face many challenges, the family is optimistic and happy their babies are here.

"They each have their own legs and they are bent over and they are fused like this and the heads are over here," Dr. Haroon Patel demonstrated.

"We don't care if they are conjoined or not that's something God sent us and we are going to do our best for this," Roel said.

It's still very early for doctors to discuss the separation of the infants.

Any discussion on that will be at least six months from now.

The girls will have to undergo many tests, and doctors will have to weigh the risk of separation.

Hospital staff say if they do a separation, the procedure will be done at Driscoll Children's Hospital.